Downtown Rutland
The heart of Rutland County.


The Downtown Rutland Partnership’s purpose is to manage, market and maintain the Downtown Rutland Special Benefits District and advance those activities that will improve the vitality of the business community and enhance the cultural and physical climate of the district. Learn more about our staff, organization and committees.

The Downtown Rutland Partnership


Our mission is to manage, market and maintain the Downtown Rutland Special Benefits District and advance activities that help improve the vitality of the business community and enhance the cultural and physical climate of the district. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works with the City of Rutland to organize events, marketing, business development and streetscape initiatives for the designated downtown of Rutland, Vermont. We are made up of a small staff, a committed board of directors and several enthusiastic committees.

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DRP Staff

Steve Peters, Executive Director of the Downtown Rutland Partnership.

Steve Peters, Executive Director

Steve is a local marketing professional, writer and community organizer. Originally from Connecticut, Steve moved to Rutland in 2011 after graduating from Southern Connecticut State University with a B.S. in English and education. Steve serves as a board member for the Rutland Area Food Co-op, is a columnist for the Rutland Reader and in his free time can be found in his garden or kitchen.



Nikki Hindman, Marketing & Events Coordinator

Nikki is a graphic designer, photographer and printmaker with a demonstrated history of working in the festival and apparel industries. Originally from the Midwest, she has a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Missouri. Nikki moved to Vermont in 2017 and hopes to bring an outside perspective to Rutland to encourage community growth and economic development in the downtown district. Outside of her creative work, Nikki has prior experience in event hospitality, concert booking and public relations. In her free time she hikes, reads mysteries and spends time with her dog, Atlas.


Arthur Hollinger, Streetscape Coordinator at the Downtown Rutland Partnership.

Arthur Hollinger, Streetscape Coordinator

Originally from Chicago, Arthur moved to Vermont a decade ago and works within the community. Arthur is a local touring musician known as King Arthur Junior and a father of two, Nahla and Izaiah and a kitten, Kofi. Arthur played hockey for Castleton University.


DRP Board of Directors



Executive Committee

A standing committee comprised of the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary. The committee’s function is to:

  • advise, assist, and support the Executive Director.

  • recommend an employment contract for the Executive Director to the Board.

  • review overhead and payroll budgets prior to presentation to the Board.

  • under exceptional circumstances, authorize actions on behalf of the Board of Directors on urgent matters which must be decided before the next Board Meeting.

Business Development Committee

The Business Development Committee shall develop, review and advocate programs to attract new businesses and investments to Downtown.

Marketing Committee

Efforts are targeted at increasing consumer traffic in Downtown Rutland with the ultimate goal of increasing consumer spending in all segments of the membership. The committee should:

  • develop marketing programs annually that promote the Downtown area within the context of a long-range plan.

  • identify and develop appropriate marketing niches within the Downtown area.

  • review all marketing programs prior to implementation.

Special Events Committee

The goal of this committee is to assist in the planning, development and execution of special events hosted by the DRP in Downtown Rutland.

Streetscape/Beautification Committee

Members work to maintain and improve a clean and attractive appearance in all public spaces and physical amenities in the district. The committee should:

  • determine the level of service currently provided by Rutland City and recommend programs to enhance those services.

  • identify areas of concern among Downtown members as they relate to the physical environment.

  • advocate a physical environment that encourages a positive perception of the Downtown district by members of the district, visitors and shoppers.

  • recommend and review all Downtown Rutland Partnership’s planned downtown improvements.

  • coordinate with services currently provided by Rutland City and advocate programs to enhance those services.