Downtown Rutland
The heart of Rutland County.


The definitive list of places to eat and drink in Downtown Rutland, Vermont.

Taso on Center


Address: 22 Center St
Phone: 802.775.8276

Wed- Sat: 5pm to 10pm

Taso On Center opened its doors in February of 2019. Jay Sabataso and his wife Audrey Brandt opened the restaurant in downtown Rutland with a goal to provide a new and exciting option in downtown. Taso On Center has a menu that is always changing and evolving, with options like traditional American, Mexican, and Asian cuisine.

The Sabataso family has been serving up delicious food in the Rutland area since 1933 when The Palms opened on Strongs Avenue, where Jay worked at the early age of 12 washing dishes in the kitchen. He always liked working in the family business, and has since opened The Palms at Prospect Bay with Brandt as an extension to the Rutland restaurant. This is Jay and Audreyโ€™s second business endeavor in the restaurant industry together, and they continue to serve up local, fresh, and delicious food while still contributing to the community.

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