Downtown Rutland
The heart of Rutland County.

Grants and Incentives

The Downtown Rutland Partnership offers several different resources for both new and existing business owners. Learn more about grants, loans, and incentives for your business.

Grants, Loans & Incentives

Downtown Rutland Partnership’s
Grant Program

Whether you’re looking to start a new business, grow your existing business or improve the facade of your building in Downtown Rutland, the DRP may be able to help. Now, with just one streamlined application and a new and improved set of guidelines, you can apply directly through our website.

Downtown Tax Credits from the State of Vermont

Downtown Rutland is one of 23 Designated Downtowns in the state of Vermont. As a result, property owners may qualify for tax credits in order to improve their property.

Downtown Revolving Loan Fund

The RLF is intended to provide the incentive for building owners in the Downtown Special Benefits District to renovate and upgrade their buildings, to meet code requirements in the renovation of their building, with emphasis on the re-utilization of upper floors in those structures. The maximum loan to be offered through the RLF will be $30,000. Download the application.

Qualification of Applicants

Applicants for the RLF funding must own the building for which the RLF funds would be used. Applicants must show, through presentation of tax returns, balance sheets, etc. that the applicant has the capacity to repay the loan under the terms of the loan.

Use of Funds

Preference will be given to applicants who are proposing to renovate the building to enhance the viability of the use of upper floors of the structure. Funds may be used to leverage other borrowings, such as from private financial institutions or federal and/or state grants.

Preference will also be given to proposals that provide for market based housing to be offered in the renovated space(s).

Funds may be used for the installation of fire protection systems, plumbing, electrical and structural improvements, ADA compliance requirement, façade improvement, and other work that meets the purposes of the RLF.

Application Process

The Downtown Rutland Partnership, in association with the Rutland Redevelopment Authority, will accept applications for RLF funds from potential applicants on forms to be developed by the RRA. The DRP executive Director will act as administrator of the RLF. A RLF committee comprised of 2 members of the Board of Director’s from the DRP and 2 members of the Board Director’s from the RRA and the Mayor, or his/her designee will review each application and recommend to the Board or Aldermen the amount and terms of the loan to be offered. The Board of Aldermen will have the final approval of the loan.


The terms of the loan shall be determined on a case by case basis, with the recommendations of those terms by the RLF committee subject to Board of Aldermen approval.

The RLF “loan” will act as a 2nd mortgage on the property and will only is subordinate to the 1st mortgage on the property.

Availability of funds

Application will be reviewed as received, and funds may be allocated up to amount of principal available in the RLF. In the event that more funds are applied for than are available at any given time, the RLF committee will rank the applications based on the above noted preferences, and make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen as to which proposals should be funded, and at what amount.